Custom labels

For the textile industry and not only

Add more value to the products you are trading and make your brand a better known and requested one on the market, with custom tags featuring an exceptional design, plastic seals and printed textile labels, which can be embroidered with your own name or trademark as well.

...from 0.15 Euro/Pcs.

Custom labels and seals

Promote the image of your products, with customized labels and seals

Services and products

Our company offers complete solutions for the labeling of the various textiles, starting with the design and graphic simulation and ending with the supply of the final products.

We perform any kind of projects, no matter how complex and we provide high quality products, at an exceptional price!

Paperboard labels 3D plastic seals Embroidered labels Leather labels Eco leather labels Glossy plastic seals Plastic (PVC) labels Woven labels Printed labels - composition Printed labels - size Size woven labels Jeans-type paperboard labels Jeans-type leather labels 2D plastic seals Organza labels Metal seals

If you need more product types (for instance paperboard labels, plastic seals and embroidered labels), we recommend you to group them in a single order, so that the cost of the transport is calculated for a single order.

If you are interested and you wish to order one or more products featured by our website, but you don’t have the graphics or the solutions for making the graphic project – you don’t have to worry, we will take care of the graphics and design, for free!