Custom Clothing Labels

Personalised garment labels for fashion clothes

Add extra value to the products you sell and make your Brand even more popular and requested on the market using custom hangtags with an exceptional design, plastic seals and woven labels with your own name or trademark.


Custom woven labels

Digitally embroidered woven labels with custom name for sewing on the clothing and garment accessories.

Woven labels represent the final part in the process of creating your products, and provides a strong image for the Brand or for your company name, even from the first contact with a potential client! These types of woven clothing labels customized according to your needs are essential for identifying the logo, origin or any other information about your Brand or product, but custom labels can also be used for decorative purposes.The field of application for custom woven labels is varied, from the textile industry, shoes, bags ... to furniture (sofas, armchairs, etc.), bed linens, drapes, carpets or mattresses. All models of custom embroidered labels or woven labels are made according to your requirements, using the latest technologies, and custom fabrics are sewn (embroidered) High Definition, have an impeccable clarity of details, and are very pleasant to the touch. Digitally embroidered woven labels are made of different types of fabric especially damask or taffeta, they are sewn in a variety of colors with standard embroidery thread or lurex (metallic effect), with different types of finishes, depending on the model: laser cut at the ends, folded in the middle or at the edges, folded mitre loop type etc. On this page you will find a variety of custom embroidered labels or custom woven labels, which can be customized online in an interactive way in a few simple steps. Visit the product page you are interested in, and following the indications and the specifications presented, you can create your own design for the fabric labels, according to your preferences in less than 5 minutes, and we will be concerned with their production to the highest standards, so you will get custom labels as you wish! Also on the product page you have the option to select the required quantity for product labels, the price and the production time being calculated and displayed automatically for each quantity.

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Woven label Graceful Style Model WL-M76

Unfolded label sizes - 30x70mm.
Folded label sizes - 30x60mm.
Textile label for clothes folded at two edges model Graceful Style, customized with the Brand name and a logo in a variety of colors, suitable for any textile product, especially elegant clothing. Handmade, Sewing, Sew , Taffeta Label , Woven Tags ...
270 EUR / 1.000 pcs.
(Price varies depending on the quantity: 0,05 - 0,27 EUR/pcs.)
Woven labels Model WL-M76
Graphic design
Woven labels - WL-M76
Real example

Woven label Casual Style Model WL-M20

Unfolded label sizes - 100x16mm.
Folded label sizes - 80x16mm.
Custom textile label model Casual Style with size indicator and folded edges to be woven by a textile product. Apparel, Pretty, Garment Labels , Damask Woven Label , Woven Name Labels ...
160 EUR / 500 pcs.
(Price varies depending on the quantity: 0,04 - 0,2 EUR/pcs.)
Woven labels Model WL-M20
Graphic design
Woven labels - WL-M20
Real example

Woven label Pure Style Model WL-M30

Unfolded label sizes - 70x17mm.
Folded label sizes - 60x17mm.
Digital embroidered label on a fabric with folded edges model Pure Style designed to be woven on a garment, customized with a name and logo. Garment Tags, Personalized Garment Labels, Handmade , Customized Woven Labels , Woven Garment Labels ...
135 EUR / 500 pcs.
(Price varies depending on the quantity: 0,04 - 0,19 EUR/pcs.)
Woven labels Model WL-M30
Graphic design
Woven labels - WL-M30
Real example

Woven label Portly Style Model WL-M70

Unfolded label sizes - 40x70mm.
Folded label sizes - 40x60mm.
Brand label folded at the edges model Portly Style Digital embroidered in different colors, customized with the Brand name and an emblem, to be woven of a clothing product. Custom Cloth Labels, Custom Garment Labels, Size Tags , Woven Size Labels , Woven Clothing Labels ...
290 EUR / 1.000 pcs.
(Price varies depending on the quantity: 0,09 - 0,29 EUR/pcs.)
Woven labels Model WL-M70
Graphic design
Woven labels - WL-M70
Real example

Woven label Majestic Style Model WL-M40

Unfolded label sizes - 35x90mm.
Folded label sizes - 35x45mm.
Custom woven label folded in the middle embroidered on a textile support model Majestic Style, customized with size indicator, Brand name, composition and maintenance text, and a logo/emblem. Custom Clothing Tags, Clothing Labels, Shirt Labels , Personalized Woven Labels , Woven Brand Labels ...
280 EUR / 1.000 pcs.
(Price varies depending on the quantity: 0,08 - 0,28 EUR/pcs.)
Woven labels Model WL-M40
Graphic design
Woven labels - WL-M40
Real example

Woven label Tidy Style Model WL-M21

Unfolded label sizes - 60x13mm.
Folded label sizes - 50x13mm.
Product label model Tidy Style embroidered with names and custom logo in different colors, on a special textile support, suitable for clothing and not only. Shirt Labels, Fashion Label, Pretty , Embroidered Labels , Woven Clothing Labels ...
120 EUR / 500 pcs.
(Price varies depending on the quantity: 0,04 - 0,19 EUR/pcs.)
Woven labels Model WL-M21
Graphic design
Woven labels - WL-M21
Real example

Woven label Brainy Style Model WL-M66

Unfolded label sizes - 20x70mm.
Folded label sizes - 20x30mm.
Woven label model Brainy Style customized with the Brand name but also with other texts of composition and maintenance, Digital embroidered, to be woven on a textile product. Custom Garment Labels, Label Supplier, Pretty , Woven Label Maker , Woven Name Labels ...
200 EUR / 1.000 pcs.
(Price varies depending on the quantity: 0,04 - 0,2 EUR/pcs.)
Woven labels Model WL-M66
Graphic design
Woven labels - WL-M66
Real example

Woven label Strong Style Model WL-M4

Unfolded label sizes - 80x20mm.
Folded label sizes - 70x20mm.
Woven textile label model Strong Style ideal for clothes and textile articles, with an elegant design, embroidered with the Brand's name and emblem on a textile support in different colors. Labels, Pretty, Size Tags , Custom Woven Tags , Woven Brand Labels ...
150 EUR / 500 pcs.
(Price varies depending on the quantity: 0,04 - 0,2 EUR/pcs.)
Woven labels Model WL-M4
Graphic design
Woven labels - WL-M4
Real example

Woven label Classic Style Model WL-M19

Unfolded label sizes - 70x15mm.
Folded label sizes - 60x15mm.
Woven label with folded edges model Classic Style Digital embroidered with the Brand name and a logo in different colors, suitable for clothing or other textile articles. Custom Garment Labels, Shirt Labels, Fashion , Woven Brand Labels , Woven Tag Labels ...
140 EUR / 500 pcs.
(Price varies depending on the quantity: 0,04 - 0,19 EUR/pcs.)
Woven labels Model WL-M19
Graphic design
Woven labels - WL-M19
Real example

Woven label Solid Style Model WL-M32

Unfolded label sizes - 79x13mm.
Folded label sizes - 65x13mm.
Woven label hanger loop type model Solid Style, digital embroidered in various colors, suitable for clothing and other textile products. Cloth Labels, Custom Cloth Labels, Product Labels , Woven Tag Labels , Personalized Woven Labels ...
160 EUR / 500 pcs.
(Price varies depending on the quantity: 0,05 - 0,22 EUR/pcs.)
Woven labels Model WL-M32
Graphic design
Woven labels - WL-M32
Real example