Custom Clothing Labels

Personalised garment labels for fashion clothes

Add extra value to the products you sell and make your Brand even more popular and requested on the market using custom hangtags with an exceptional design, plastic seals and woven labels with your own name or trademark.


Custom hang tags

Custom hang tags for textile products such as clothes, shoes, various clothing accessories and more!

Nowadays any business environment is extremely competitive, and practically the marketing strategy and especially the quality advertising materials, including clothing tags, allow you to position yourself in front of the competitors, and to arouse the interest of current and potential customers. A quality custom hang tag attached to a product will definitely increase its value in front of the final client. Custom clothing tags or custom clothing labels printed with professional graphics, with information and images correctly presented, attached to a garment,can be the key to success! This small detail can significantly contribute to the great difference between success and failure! Quality custom hang tags attached to your products will definitely increase their value, in front of the final customer. If you work in the textile industry, you are a designer or supplier of clothing or any kind of textile products, importer or reseller under your own Brand or Name, you definitely need professional solutions for labeling or re-labeling your products with a unique hang tag or any type of clothing label. Our company as a label supplier for cardboard hang tags offers complete and professional solutions, for the creation of clothing labels or any type of custom paper labels at low prices, in minimum quantities! On this page you will find a wide range of custom hang tags for clothing, which can be customized very simply and quickly, in an interactive way. On the page of each product you have detailed information regarding the design, dimensions, materials used in the production process of the hang tags, and with the help of the custom hang tags graphic builder, you can customize various models of paper labels printed on cardboard, where you have a wide variety of options, such as: choosing colors, inserting your own logo or emblem, selecting different fonts for texts, their size and positioning, inserting symbols, etc. Also, for maximum transparency, on the product page you will find the products prices and the shipping cost, depending on the country and the quantity selected. Nothing easier! You know from the beginning what are the costs of custom clothing labels that you like, what you order and what you will receive, all in a few simple steps!

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Hang tag Tender Style Model HT-M56

Hang tag size: 50x90mm.
Hang tag designed for clothes, shoes and various textiles model Tender Style customized with the name Digital printed. Cloth Tag, Size Tags, Pretty , Cheap Hang Tags , Custom Paper Labels ...
85 EUR / 500 pcs.
(Price varies depending on the quantity: 0,11 - 0,16 EUR/pcs.)
Hang Tags Model HT-M56
Graphic design
Hang Tags - HT-M56
Real example